Science online, on Mobile, en-Masse.

 Science online, on mobile, en-masse.

Behavioral psychology science online onMobile en-Masse

Behavioral psychology science online onMobile en-Masse

What can Xperiment do?

  • Creation/running of behavioural online science.
  • In bulk testing via mechanical turk.
  • Same experiment runs on the computer, on the pad (iPad or Android), on the iPod touch and the phone (iPhone and Android).
  • Results paste straight into excel.
  • Scientific and technical support available while creating studies.
  • Recruitment of participants who have demonstrated to be reliable.

Why do research on the pad/phone/iPod touch?

  • Easy to carry – bring your research to the participant while he/she is in a natural situation.
  • Independent of lab space – no separate computer/monitor setups necessary anymore. A table and chair is the most you’ll need.
  • The iPod touch is a very economical way to do research outside of the laboratory, and ultraportable.
  • The pads offer similar screen sizes to laptops, enabling you to do research that would normally require a big computer.
  • Pads and the iPod touch are intuitive to use – especially for people not used to computers, such as children and the elderly.
  • Can be used while standing when in a hurry or space is minimal – for example, in front of a shelf, or in the kitchen.
  • Paper questionnaires and other hard copies are easily left at home – but most people will always make sure they have their phone on them, especially students.
  • Data is stored in many locations for safety and security – on the device itself, sent as an email, uploaded to an online database.
  • People are very familiar with their phones – doing a task on their own phone enables them to do it in a comfortable and efficient way.

Why do science online, in bulk?

  • cost effective. Valid. Reliable. Discussed here.

What is the difference between Xperiment and other social science testing software?

  • Hardware independent: runs on pads, phones, iPod touch and the computer – no other software offers this variety.
  • Xperiment does not need to be online while the test is done.
  • Xperiment has the possibility to interface with outside sensors, such as heart rate or weighting scales.
  • Arduino support
  • Xbox Kinect support
  • Scientific and technological support offered.

What are the next steps in the development of Xperiment?

  • The graphical user interface (GUI) is under development.
  • More outside sensors!