• Dr Andy Woods, founder (PhD, Multisensory Perception, School of Psychology, Trinity College Dublin). Postdocs: Trinity (Dublin),  Bangor (Wales) and Manchester (England).  Business experience:  Unilever R&D 4 years (Netherlands). 
  • Researchers from a number of international institutions providing input and suggesting features.


  • Andy Woods, as above. With the below help, turning Xperiment into a robust, reliable package.
  • Marijn Haverbeke, creator of CodeMirror online code editing software (helped build Xperiment’s Experiment Maker software).
  • Samit Basik, input into numerous low level features of Xperiment, notably the adaptive timing algorithm which dynamically adjusts Xperiment’s internal clock to correct for web-related timing error.
  • Jeffery Hu, the (in the works) integration of Xperiment into ‘the cloud’.
  • Many other developers (elance) were involved in smaller aspects of Xperiment.