update scripts and get data through Dropbox

“I want to create an experiment for the phone, but how do I update the script and get my data?.” One way is to give Xperiment access to a directory on your Dropbox account.  You can even share this folder with your collaborators so they can get access to the data any time they want.

Arduino connectivity

I hate it how one must spend €1000s in order to pay someone to build a custom built device to test your hypothesis.  Do you know there’s a vibrant opensource community devoted to Arduino hardware (€10-€50) that makes it easy to create your own equipment? Xperiment can easily interface with the Arduino on any device, via USB, bluetooth, wireless, even infrared.

There exist 100s of addon ‘shields’ that slot on-top the Arduino and add functionality without you having to touch a soldering iron (list).  Such functionality includes: adding LCD screens, GPS, joystick, buttons, robotics, MP3 playback, storage, battery pack, pH detection, weather sensing, GSM… .

To add further functionality, you can custom interface with the Arduino.  Want to hack a kitchen scale to know the weight of your stimuli?  Here’s one of our tutorials on how to do this.  But there are literally thousands of projects for you to make use of out there (check out indestructable’s Arduino projects).  Some unusual ones are shown below.



Mechanical Turk integration

Test 100s of participants within minutes from around the world for a fraction of the normal cost. Xperiment has been tried, tested and fully integrated with Mechanical Turk.  Participants are given their unique ‘I have finished the study within a respectable amount of time’ code after completing the study to give to MTurk.

“…Mechanical Turk is a reliable alternative to using college populations to obtain survey data — and may even be a better alternative than traditional Internet surveys. For just pennies, people will complete even lengthy questionnaires in their efforts to help others with their projects and research. While more research needs to be done to confirm these findings, MTurk appears to be a marketplace more psychology researchers should be considering as they prepare their next study.” (http://goo.gl/sAqjE,  –  blog article by Grohol 2011).

an Xperiment utility developed to ensure participants complete the study done within Mechanical Turk.


Berinsky, A., Huber, G.A. & Lenz, G.S. (in press). Using Mechanical Turk as a Subject Recruitment Tool for Experimental Research. Political Analysis pdf

Mason, W. & Suri, S. (2012). Conducting behavioural research on Amazon’s Mechanical Turk. Behavior Research Methods, 44, 1-23. pdf

More demos

www.opensourcesci.com/experiments/2DsmileyExpt records the x and y position every 500ms for a given stimulus (in this case, pictures).

http://www.opensourcesci.com/experiments/CS/ looking at the effect of sound on food perception.

http://www.opensourcesci.com/experiments/gls1/ developing a ‘ghost line scale’

http://www.opensourcesci.com/experiments/JellyBeanStudy/ looking at the effect of sound on food.

Demo experiments

In this experiment we explore how cultures differ in terms of the colour they associate with different aromas.

Here is the web version.  Please take part!  If you just want to try it out, feel free (data only saves if you do the whole experiment).

Here is a longer Android version (where we use actual odours, so you cannot do this at home afraid).  Feel free to check this out to (data only saves if you do the whole experiment; ignore the ‘do not install’ text – er added this to prevent random installations).

The iOS version has been submitted, so please hold your horses.